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C3 Malmö started with Pastors Quinton and Susanne Litchfield and their four children moving from Sydney, Australia to Malmö, Sweden in 2007. The church began with a big vision and heart for the people of Sweden. What began as a humble dream and prayer through Pastors Quinton and Susanne Litchfield, has now grown into a vibrant church for the people of Malmö. 


We are a local church for the people of Malmö, Sweden. At C3 Malmö, we believe church is about us discovering and learning how to have a loving, authentic relationship with God and with one another.  We believe Jesus Christ is God and proved His amazing love for this city by dying on the cross to take the punishment for our mistakes and pride—giving us His righteousness as a free gift. He rose again to give us hope that death is not the end but just the beginning of all that God has in store for us. We believe by the Holy Spirit we now have the fullness of His love living in us and flowing through us for the sake of others.  We believe the church exists for the blessing and the welfare of the people and city it's planted in.  We believe the church is both big and small, having a vision to reach many people with the love of Christ, preaching the gospel in larger worship gatherings and staying small through Dinner parties and personal relationships.


We are a part of the C3 global movement founded by Pastors Phil and Chris Pringle in 1980. As two young hippies with a passion for Jesus and desire to see this world won for Christ, Phil and Chris moved from New Zealand to Sydney to start a church. Twelve people attending an Easter service birthed the C3 Church movement, and this church grew to over 400 in 4 years and soon began planting in Sydney and beyond to cities and countries outside of Australia. The C3 Church movement is on the way to achieving the 2020 Vision of 1000 locations globally.

For more information go to: www.c3churchglobal.com.