Pastors Quinton and Susanne!

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Pastors Quinton & Susanne are convicted about speaking the truth of God’s word in a real and relevant way, highlighting the Bible’s practical application in people’s lives. God has given them a vision and passion for helping people begin a relationship with Jesus, encounter His Presence and be transformed by His love.


Their journey began in Hollywood, where they met, fell in love, and got married and then moved to Sydney Australia. Years later God impressed a vision upon their hearts to plant a church in Sweden. The journey began in Sydney, Australia where they served under the leadership of C3 Carlingford's oversights, Ps Richard and Sue Botta. Over a number of  years, God began to highlight Malmö (Sweden) as a city that was in need of community, in need of a place to call home for people to experience Jesus and connect to Him on a deeper level. In 2007, Ps Quinton and Susanne moved to Malmö with their four children who had a vision to build a church that we now know as C3 Malmö.

Years later, now with their kids, Charley, Tom, Jade and Max and a growing team, they are still true to that ever-growing vision for the church.